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Deanne Zirker Deanne Zirker
With over twenty years of sales and management experience in the natural products industry, Deanne's dedication to her clients and to a healthy and natural lifestyle has propelled Healthy Focus to the forefront of New Mexico healthy living. She started her brokerage in 2002, and in the past ten years has built a business on the belief that clean and natural products can make a huge difference in our lives and the life of our planet. Her passion for selling products that she believes in has created an amazing trust between the lines she represents and the stores that she serves.
Phyllis Phyllis Calderwood
Phyllis joined Healthy Focus one year after its inception in 2003, and it proved to be a perfect fit. Her years of sales experience and superior customer service were quickly put to use as the brokerage grew. Phyllis relishes her role as liaison between the excellent companies she represents and the accounts that she manages. Her interest in healthy living continues to motivate and inspire her daily.

Renee Kern
Since joining Healthy Focus in 2010, Renee has become a key member of the Healthy Focus team. Her years as a medical technologist and Physical Therapy Practice manager gave her the patience and knowledge to manage the Healthy Focus office as well as serve as a sales representative. Renee's love of all things natural translates easily into everyday life for this New Mexico native.


Alex McAfee
A professional dancer by training, Alex has been a health and fitness advocate his entire life. For the last eleven years, he has worked in the natural health industry, bringing his knowledge of physical and mental well being to the masses. His nine years of work at Whole Foods has translated into a dedicated holistic and natural lifestyle. Alex' positivity and energy has been a wonderful addition to the Healthy Focus team.

Karlton Cynthia Behrens
An industry veteran for over 20 years, Cynthia has always been interested in health and wellness. Her BS degree in Holistic Nutrition has served her well throughout her career in the natural products industry. In addition to managing health food stores, Cynthia has worked as an outside and inside sales representative and as a supplement buyer. She loves the ever changing nature of the business, and educating her customers on the newest research and products. Her work for Healthy Focus gives her the opportunity to enlighten customers to the many high quality, pure products that we represent.
Cornelia Berger Cornelia Berger
Cornelia has been in the health and beauty industry for over 13 years. In 2010 Cornelia visited a small organic grocery store and was taken by the dedication and enthusiasm the owners showed in helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. Since then, she has worked in the natural health food industry, and for several years she was a supplement and body care buyer for a large health food store. It has been rewarding for her to share with customers the knowledge she has gained and she looks forward to continue to do so as a Healthy Focus demonstrator. Cornelia lives with her family in the East Mountains, where they enjoy gardening and evening walks.