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"It's easy when you get to work with amazing women like yourselves!"
-Brandilyn Fagan, Whole foods-ISP ATL

"You are an amazing trainer- I still remember vividly key selling points and helpful hints when selling Weleda to customers! My personal fav is to remind people that our skin is as sensitive and delicate as a thin leaf, and we don't want to exfoliate... but gently moisturize. ;)"
-Christina Ramirez, xplus Ultra

Thanks for bringing fun & beauty to our 2014 chapter. Glad to look forward to 2015 with you.
- Lisa, La Montanita Co-op

"I'm so glad I got to see you today! I've been telling Steve how you were one of my favorites and how hard you worked for me. After he saw you I told him "that's who I was telling you about." He said, "You model that. You be that rep!" Thanks for being such a good role model!"
- Jen, La Montanita Co-op

"You are fantastic! Thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm in all that you do!"
- Emmy, Whole Foods

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Ever since I met you at the Juan Tabo Wild Oats you've been an exceptional rep and all around an amazing person. You have tremendous integrity and wonderful taste in product lines."
- Margaret Evans, Whole Foods

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is each time I see you... You are always so upbeat and friendly... it is really refreshing and I just wanted to give you kudos for that (and it's a great reminder to be conscious of my own attitude)... "
- Jill Taylor, National Sales Director, Alaffia - Sustainable Skin Care

"It was great to spend time with you AGAIN - after all these years. I am very excited to know that you're representing AG in the New Mexico market! Your relationships and dedication is evident in all the stores we went in to. I have no doubt you will put a great new face to Amazing Grass and grow our sales here."
- Josh, Sales Manager, Amazing Grass

"One word says it all--WOW! Deanne, Phyllis, Renee, Karl, Alex and the entire Healthy Focus Team are rays of health, warmth, radiance and true beauty in the natural products industry, in our communities and in our greater world. Their passion shows in all that they do, and their energy is contagious. I've worked with the team on building sales strategies, implementing marketing and sales programs and delivering powerful product trainings--all with enthusiasm, openness , honesty and good results to boot. Thank you Healthy Focus!"
- Jennifer Barckley Director of Communications, Educaton & Sustainabiltiy,
Weleda North America

"Healthy Focus is a standout entity, as it is created and staffed by people who lovingly proceed in their work. Phyllis and Deanne believe in what they do, and are highly capable, no - dynamos! - in creating and helping you create your vision. They engage people (such as Karlton and Alex) who also share their joy, enthusiasm, integrity, ability to educate, and caring. They are lovely-hearted individuals with whom it is an actual pleasure to do business. When people do work with such happiness and passion, the world around them blossoms."- Kirsten Rendina, Vitamin Manager, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

"Dear Phyllis,
It was so great to see you again. You were a breath of fresh air for me and the whole group. Thank you again for the courage of speaking your mind and for the freedom it granted all of us. You are a courageous woman and I'm so glad to have had this chance to know you. "
- Omar Cruz, Director of Education, Himalaya

"I wanted to say as a new business owner, that Healthy Focus is the team to beat! They give attention, service, information and great care. We felt so taken care of and listened to. Healthy Focus, with the emphasis on 'Focus,', is there in every way possible from stocking, samples to discounts and input! Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do, you are a spectacular service team in every way!"
- Alex McAfee and Karlton Johnson, Owners, Inspired Living